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VELO Nicotine Pouches is one of the most popular nicotine products on the market. Using VELO nicotine pouches is an experience beyond the usual. This is not just nicopods in a can, VELO is too a community of like-minded people who appreciate the good in life. VELO nicotine pouches used to be called LYFT, and here you can read everything you need to know about the brand.

Velo nicotine pouch

The reason that VELO nicotine pouches have become so popular is due to many things. They have, among other things become a popular option for those who want to stop using cigarettes or smokeless tobacco. With velo nicotine pouches, you avoid both harmful smoke and the negative effects that tobacco in traditional snus can have. Here are some more factors why VELO may become your new favorite.

How Can You Choose Velo Nicopods

How long do you use VELO nicotine pouches?

Velo nicotine pouch are easy to use and are designed for you on the go. You can always carry the flexible can with you, and you can discreetly use the product without it disturbing. Ideally for you who do not want to quit to go out and smoke, or for you who do not want to waste the time of baking loose snus.

You use VELO nicotine pouches by simply turning and loosening the lid on the can. You then take a pouch and place it under your upper lip to absorb the nicotine and experience the flavors. The portion bags are designed for an even secretion of flavors and nicotine, it allows you to enjoy a tasty experience for a full 30 minutes.

Tobacco free nicotine pouches

VELO snus that have become incredibly popular. There are many similar products from other brands that you can find with us here at What's unique with nicotine pouches is that they are completely free from tobacco. The nicotine in, for example, VELO nicotine pouches are made from tobacco derived nicotine, ie extracted from tobacco leaves and then added to the product. However, there is no tobacco in the product.

The advantages that many see with nicotine pouches are partly that you are not exposed to tobacco which may pose certain health risks. Since VELO nicotine pouches and products in the same category are completely white, the teeth will not be stained or discolored either. This product does not drip as much as traditional snus, which makes many people experience a cleaner and fresher feeling.

LYFT changed name to VELO Nicotine pouches

It was in 2021 that it became official that the popular brand would change its name from VELO SNUS LYFT nicotine pouches. They described the name change as a change is the only way forward, and that even a small action can lead to a better future. By changing their profile and changing their name, VELO nicotine pouches has increased their focus that they have become an even more sustainable choice.

VELO nicotine pouches makes several local efforts to contribute to a sustainable world. In Sweden where VELO has its origins, the brand is linked to a service where you can order your cans, you collect points and do a good thing for the environment. They also organize trash picking events and other events that create a positive change.

One of the world's largest tobacco companies

VELO Snus is owned by British American Tobacco (BAT), which is one of the world's largest tobacco companies. Fiedler & Lundgren is a well-established company that was founded in Sweden in 1835 and is completely owned by BAT. It is through Fiedler & Lundgren that VELO nicotine pouches are distributed.

One of the reasons why LYFT changed its name to VELO nicotine pouches is because BAT wanted to simplify and improve their product portfolio. By keeping only one brand with nicotine pouches in their range, they can focus on improving the experience for the customer, and invest more resources in creating a stronger and even more trusted brand.

Choose the strength that suits you

When it comes to the strength of VELO nicotine pouches, they divide their products into four different categories: mild, medium, velo snus mini. The mild pouches with the lowest proportion of nicotine is suitable, for example, for those who have not used a similar product before. The cans marked with X-Strong are the strongest amongst VELO nicotine pouches and is only suitable for experienced users.

You can easily see on the can how the product is classified. The category is both printed in text and is symbolized by filled dots on the lid of the can. The mild nicotine bags have one of four dots filled, medium has two, strong has three, and on the very strongest variant, all dots are filled.

Well known flavors and a wide range

Although there was a change in VELO nicotine pouches when they changed their name from LYFT, the content has not changed. It has instead taken a winning concept and refined it. VELO nicotine pouches are known for their wide range of natural flavors of fruit and mint. It's everything from classic mint flavors to experimental combinations that are fresh and uplifting.

Some of the mint flavors available in the range with VELO nicotine pouches are Ice Cool and Freeze. An assortment that is well thought out down to the smallest detail.

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